Month: April 2014

Sponsor a Family in India

Family Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the heart of the Franciscan Family Apostolate Mission. Your sponsorship can change lives.

Alleppy, Kerala

Alleppy | Kerala | India

Over the past four decades, thousands of families have been helped by our sponsorship and other programs. Located in southwest India, the poverty of the coastal fishing folk is extreme.

Andra Pradesh

Andra Pradesh | India

Located on the eastern coast of India, the highlands of Andra Pradesh are peopled by the very poor who live far from medical or educational aid.

Teaching Business Skills in Andra Pradesh

Helping the poor in Andra Pradesh | India.

One of the many programs we have in Andra Pradesh is teaching basic business skills to women and offering micro-credit for startups.

FFA Staff in Alleppey

Staff | Alleppey | Kerala | India

Totally administered and staffed locally in India, FFA provides decent work and benefits to those who run the programs.