Staff in Alleppey

Our staff in Alleppey works under the direction of Sr. Helen Lawrence. It is their responsibility to act as liasons between our sponsors and the families they help support. We invite you to read the stories of our staff. Without their help, the Franciscan Family Apostolate’s work in Alleppey would not be possible.

Sr. Helen Lawrence
 – Director:
Sr. Helen was born in Valiathura, a suburb of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of  Kerala state. She is the youngest daughter of eight children. She joined the Canossian congregation in 1989. For the last 15 years, she has been a high school tteacher. She has been the director of FFA’s Alleppey office since 2016.

aniammaAniamma Benny:
Aniamma is a long-time staff member for the FFA; she has worked in our Alleppey office since 1991.  She and her husband have four young children, and also care for Aniamma’s loving 92 year old mother. Aniamma’s husband, Benny, is a locally renowned artist who works in sculpture and photography. His works have appeared on various FFA items through the years.


darlyDarley Sunil:

Darley has worked for the FFA since 1992. She is married with two children, both of whom are working on advanced degrees. Darley’s family is very active in the Parish, with her husband serving as a representative to the parish council.



Soona Monichan:

Soona is the most recent addition to the Alleppey office, although she has been with the FFA for more than ten years. She joined the office in 2003. Soona was born and raised in Alleppey.  She currently lives with her husband, their two young children, and her brother-in-law and sister-in-law in Alleppey.

sofiaSofia Thomas:
Sofia joined the FFA in 1999. She and her husband have two daughters who are both in school. Sofia cares for both of the daughters as well as for her husband’s mother while her husband works abroad.


karolineKaroline Peter:
Karoline was born and raised in Alleppey. She lives close to the office in a home with her parents, her husband, and her daughter. She has worked for the FFA since 1999. Her husband runs an appliance repair business and is active on the parish council, and her daughter has almost completed her degree in graphic arts.


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