Staff in Andhra Pradesh

Sr. Carmel
Sr.-Carmel-PaulThere are people who are specialized in some particular area! I have no specialization for anything or any career! I am a Canossian religious sister for the past 47 years. My vocation to be in touch with the poor and needy spent my entire life for their uplift to bring them to the main stream of the society. First and foremost I am a catechism teacher who prepared the children for sacraments, youth for their life style, couples to be faithful to their commitment and aged and forsaken to be a comforter and a support. I am a friend of all walks of life, poor and rich alike, officials or illiterate. I stand for the poor and through my life style lead many to share those who have with those who have not. My heart desires to give joy to the innocent children and innocent victims of any sort of life always found an answer because I firmly believe Jesus loves and answers my needs for the wellbeing of the poor and needy. I am privileged as a Canossian sister to work with the Franciscan Family Apostolate nine years for Alleppey Diocese and at present Canossian mission at South East India region for the last 9 years. Here the mission is for the uplift of the Dalith and Tribal for non Christian who are widows and victims of HIV infected families, widows and children. Sister’s presence is seen in the remotest area where life is a challenging. I am seventy and now I am physically perhaps weak but determined to do little I can for these socially deprived to become their voice and work to attain a plate of meal and required necessary medication for someone in need.
“I recommend you my beloved poor” is the exhortation by St. Magdalene of Canossa I am trying to spell out in my life.
Sr. Carmel
Director, Andhra Region


Sr. Jisha

jissaSr. Jisha was born in Kerala and now lives in Veeraghattam, Andhra. She has a Bachelor of Science in Botany and a Master of Social Work with a specialization in Medical and Psychiatry. She has worked as a medical and psychiatric social worker in hospital settings. Sr. Jisha Jacob assists Sr. Carmel in her work for the   Franciscan Family Apostolate in Andhra and is also the Assistant Director of an organization called CDSSS ( Canossian Daughters Social Service Society), which focuses on the empowerment of women and children.

When asked about her goal in her work, she wrote: My goal is to search the poorest of the poor and  share the compassionate love with them. I like to collaborate with like minded people and work together as a team. I have been working as a mediator between poor and rich . I help the poor and less privileged to get their rights from the government. I can speak three languages (English, Malayalam and Telugu). I love to spent time with the people, especially those in need.


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