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Ray of Hope Rose

Ray of Hope Rose in their Darkened Life
“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.” 2 Corinthians 9:11

#1453 Joseph Thankappan Muttichira sponsored by Joseph and Harriet Fignar

This family is being sponsored since 2nd qtr 2019.  Always it is visible that a transformation in the living condition brings a vigorous change in one’s lifestyle.  With the intervention of FFA a ray of hope rose in their darkened life.

We are happy to share at this moment that many of our beneficiary families fruitfully utilized their sponsor’s valuable and kind help, with which they came up in life and have a better place in the society.  As you know most of our beneficiary families are fisher folk and people engaged in coir works.  Normally they are considered as someone backward in the community and FFA’s entry to such families enabled them to provide good education to their children for better job opportunities.

The head of the family Joseph is sickly and unable to do any hard work. The only means of income for them was the irregular earnings of Treesa from odd jobs. Even though they did not have enough to eat, they provided good education for their children. Their elder daughter Fenitta completed her general nursing course with this kind help and now working as nurse and her marriage was held on 26th January2023.  Her husband is working in Cochin shipyard as welder. His younger daughter Femitta is doing beautician work. They were staying in a shed covered with plastic sheets. This family was staying in the colony house of Alappuzha Diocese.  During the flood their area was full of water and they were shifted to the refugee center.  Later on they were selected for a new house under government scheme.  The government allotted them 4 lakhs ($5714.28) rupees for the house but it is not sufficient for the completion because their house is in a remote area and the transportation facility is not available and the cost for reaching the raw material to the site was quite expensive.  Their area is marshy and the basement was done with piling. For the completion of their house their sponsor generously helped them and now they are staying in a completed concrete house.  Joseph’s medical needs are also met with this kind help.  The family has some debts in connection with their daughter’s marriage, which they are refunding gradually.

The whole family is joining their hands and thanking you for all what you are doing for them.  The good Lord will bless you in abundance for your sharing and compassion showered upon His choicest poor.

Sr. Elsy Chacko, Secretary FFA

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