Family of the Month – Matilda & Benedict

Matilda is a kind married woman with three children. Her husband works but brings home only a meager income. Matilda is no longer able to work due to severe back pain and other medical conditions. The family’s living… Read More

Family of the Month – The Ellappu Family- Sponsored!

This family is now sponsored. We are so happy. There are more families in need of sponsors and you can find out more about them as they are listed on our “Sponsor a family” page. Veeralaxmi is a… Read More

Family of the Month – The Palackal Family – Sponsored!

This family has been sponsored for which we are very grateful. You can read their story below. If you wish to sponsor a family, please check out the other families in need of help on our Sponsor A… Read More

Family of the Month – The Tekimudi Family – Sponsored!!!

Thank you so much! Jayalakshmi is now sponsored. You can read her story below and then please go to the link for sponsoring families and choose another needy family to sponsor. Jayalakshmi’s story: Jayalakshmi is a fifteen year… Read More

Family of the Month – The Anchuthykal Family – Sponsored!

Thank you for taking care of Thresiamma and her husband, Abraham, a couple in their 40’s. This was their story before a sponsor was found: Their children, Aneesh and Anila, are in their teens. Thresiamma tries desperately to… Read More

Family of the Month – The Anusuri Family – Sponsored

Rayyasree is now sponsored! Thank you so much! There are many other families waiting for a sponsor. You can learn more about them on our ‘Sponsor a Family’ webpage. Our family this month is a 16 year old… Read More

Family of the Month — The Kaparapu Family – Sponsored!!!

This family has now been sponsored. Thank you so much. As you can read from the brief bio below, Martha and Raju were in great need. We have many more families in need of help, please check out our… Read More

Family of the Month – The Arakal Family – Sponsored!

We are so thrilled that Mariamma has been sponsored. You can read more about her plight below. While she now has hope for her future, please check out our ‘families in need’ page for other families awaiting for… Read More

Family of the Month – The Vattaparampil Family- Sponsored

This family has been sponsored. Sometimes our lives take a turn we never anticipated. This is so true for Mercy Vattaparampil. An arranged marriage turned into a nightmarish situation for Mercy when she realized her husband suffered from… Read More

Family of the Month – The Nakka Family – Sponsored!

Thank you so much! This family has been sponsored. Please check this link for available families. We will be adding more in the next week.   This month’s family struggles with two HIV parents and three young boys…. Read More