Self Development Seminars

The Franciscan Family Apostolate (FFA) has always tried to venture into new waters to uplift people in any way possible. In our searching, Sister Daphne came up with the idea to have one day family workshops for all… Read More

We Walk the Road Less Traveled

We the Canossian sisters run a small dispensary, partially supported by the Franciscan Family Apostolate, in Jubo among the Tribals. Village families early in the morning go to the mountains for the cultivation and to gather food for… Read More

The Heat Is On In India

India has been badly hit by the heat waves in the past few months and as if it was not enough for the citizens, states like Andhra Pradesh which have a large population of Naxalites and less fortunate,… Read More

Family of the Month – Eliswa Shyji Family – Sponsored!

  We all have read stories about families whose lives were changed tragically in an instant. Such were the circumstances for Eliswa Shyji and her children. Just a year ago, Eliswa’s husband, Varghese, suffered a traumatic brain injury at… Read More

A Helping Hand

“Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death” Song of Solomon 8: 6 This is the story of Subatha Raitha, a 12 year old girl living… Read More

Family of the Month – Vasarla Lakshmi – Sponsored!

Our family this month, Vasarla Lakshmi, a widow with a 16-year-old daughter named Jancy has been sponsored! Thank you so much! Please check out our Sponsor a Family page for other families that are in need of your help. Here… Read More

Hardships Taught Her Everything

Sruthy was the brightest student in her class. She was the apple of her mother’s eyes. Her being born in a less fortunate family had its streaks of misfortune. She was born with Partial Blindness, a disease passed… Read More

Welcoming Message from Sr. Daphne

Good wishes to all those who visit our web page! I am the fifth Canossian sister who has been in charge of the Franciscan Family Apostolate (FFA) in Alleppey. The FFA mainly reaches out to less fortunate fisher… Read More

Welcoming Message from the President

Welcome to the Franciscan Family Apostolate website. Whatever impulse led you here, you are in the right place…if…you wish to help others less fortunate than you and…if…you want to do it where the “the rubber meets the road,”… Read More

Family of the Month – Reddy Naga Lakshmi – Sponsored!

Update: Lakshmi and her children have been sponsored. Thank you! You can read about many other families in need of sponsors here. Lakshmi’s story: The Reddy family is one of our saddest cases. The director of our Andhra program,… Read More