Kochuthresia of Vypincherry

This is a very sad tale of Kochuthresia, a young widow, who can barely support her daughter and mother-in-law. Her daughter has dreams of going far in her schooling.

With your sponsorship, Kochuthresia would be better able to care for her family and save for her daughter’s dream of a higher education.

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Family Members:
Kochuthresia, 32 years
Aleena, daughter, 10 years
Mary, mother, 60 years

Alleppey Region

Kochuthresia is a poor young widow who is living with her only daughter and mother.  Her husband died of cancer on 8th February 2019.  His ailments were diagnosed only at the terminal stage.  He was doing floor tile paving work and had intense pain due to bone cancer but he went for diagnosis only lately.  Thus Kochuthresia became one of the many young widows who are losing their beloved husbands all of a sudden due to various reasons.
Kochuthresiae is going for packing works in a supermarket.  Her only daughter is studying in the 5th grade.  She is very smart with great ambitions and poor Kochuthresia is almost moved to tears to hear her daughter’s desire to achieve high grade of studies in future.  This poor widow is struggling to make both ends meet and she has debts for the expensive medication of her husband.
Kochuthresia is staying at her paternal house and her mother, who too is a widow, is a great support for this young widow and daughter.  She is sickly and cannot go for any work. It is hard for these women to survive in this society without someone’s support.  Their house is built many years back and the peculiarity of their area is that the land is marshy and there is presence of salt even in the atmosphere so that the walls of houses get ruined too fast.  Likewise the plastering of their house is damaged in many areas.
Poor Kochuthresia is losing all hope in life and looking for some kind assistance to survive, meet their medical needs and especially to educate her only daughter who is the sole remembrance of her beloved demised husband. Any help given to them will be greatly appreciated.