Agnes and Paul of Aresseril

Agnes is a Mom trying to feed her three children while caring for her mentally ill husband. You can read about her circumstances below.

With your sponsorship, Agnes could provide for her children and improve their living conditions.

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Family Members:
Agnes, 38 years
Paulwin, 38 years, husband
Sumi, 14 years, daughter
Maria, 12 years, daughter
Mithra, 6 years, daughter

Alleppey Region

Agnes is a mother of three children and is married to her husband, Paulwin. The start of their family life was happy. Agnes cared for their children while Paulwin worked in the local fishing industry.

Sadly, Paulwin began suffering from a mental illness. He became afraid to go out on the fishing boats, and lost his livelihood as a result. At the same time, Agnes watched as her children became ill with tuberculosis and malnutrition. She worked every odd job that she could, but with no one to help them the family was in dire poverty.

A local group of religious sisters took pity on the family and provided nutrition and care for the children while giving the family a small concrete one-room home to stay in. This intervention allowed the girls to stay in school, but their health has continued to suffer as a result of poor nutrition. Many days their main and sometimes only meal is the school lunch. Over time their small home, which has no proper bathroom, has deteriorated in condition and is extremely moldy. This threatens the health of everyone.

Agnes needs assistance to get the entire family back on their feet. With the aid of a sponsor, the girls could finally receive the nutritious food they need to thrive, and Paulwin could receive the medication and treatment that could improve his condition. Without help, it is feared that the girls will be too weak to be able to continue in school.