Andhra Pradesh and Jubo Medical Clinics

Please contribute to our medical clinic fund which provides assistance to the dire poor in Andhra Pradesh and Jubo.



The FFA is funding the operation of three medical clinics, operated by the Cannosian sisters, for the poor among the indigenous tribes of India. Two clinics are in Andhra Pradesh and one is in Jubo in neighboring Orissa. These tribal areas  suffer from every problem known to mankind – Illiteracy, poor sanitation, no healthcare clinics, extreme poverty.

In Andhra, the families we care for are mostly abandoned by their tribe, forbidden to attend any tribal or family functions because they are victims of HIV/AIDS. We are funding  weekly clinics providing medical assistance for patients, who travel long distances on foot. Payment is anything offered. Mostly eggs and fruits.

In Jubo, just over the border in Orissa, when a medical clinic was offered, there was such a surge in demand for services due to the poor condition of the villagers living in Jubo, that the sisters decided to open the clinic daily. These sisters live in a room beside the clinic and help anyone at anytime of the day as the need arises.

If you would like to donate to keep these clinics operating, know that each dollar that you contribute will help more than you could ever imagine.

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