Bommithi Family

Ganigamma is an amazing 55 year old grandmother who is raising her grandchildren after much tragedy within the family.  You can read her full story below.

Your sponsorship would allow Ganigamma to feed and educate her grandchildren and care for herself as she ages.

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Family Members:
Ganigamma Bommithi, 55 years
Bala Nandan Chinta, 16 years, grandson
Akshara Chinta, 14 years, granddaughter

Andhra Region

Ganigamma is an amazing woman. At 55 years old she has suffered through tragedy and heartbreak, but has answered these circumstances with an unbelieve dedication to helping those around her. Ganigamma’s own children, a daughter and a son, had grown up and left her house years ago. Her son was a successful photographer in the area, and her daughter, Lakshmi, married and had two children.

But things were not perfect. Lakshmi’s husband became addicted to drugs and stopped working, leaving Lakshmi struggling to care for her growing children. On top of these struggles, Lakshmi began experiencing painful medical symptoms and was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer. The entire family was devastated by her change of fortune. Ganigamma’s son was particularly affected; in hopes of caring for his sister and her family he arranged for a small home to be built to house her. Sadly, Lakshmi died – and her brother was not able to handle the tragedy. He suffered a mental breakdown and is now under care for a mental condition.

With her daughter dead and her son incapacitated, Ganigamma stepped forward to care for her orphaned grandchildren. Despite her own ailments and advancing years, she is now raising two teenagers with no assistance. The family lives in the house her son provided, and Ganigamma works odd jobs to make ends meet and ignores her own pains and challenges to ensure the children are cared for. The children are enrolled in the local government shool, and Ganigamma wants to ensure they can complete their education. A sponsor can help ensure that that happens, and that this dedicated grandmother has some security in the face of so much misfortune.