Buda Sunitha Family

Sunitha is a widow who finds herself in the midst of this pandemic responsible for not only her child but her elderly parents and her sister.

She has limited opportunities for odd jobs now but with the help of a sponsor, Sunitha could raise some animals and be be able to support her extended family. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Buda Sunitha, 32 years
Buda Binisha, 12 years, daughter
Genta Veeraraju, 65 years, father
Genta Vijaya Lakshmi, 55 years, mother
Genta Bhavani, 33 years, sister

Andhra Pradesh Region

Buda Sunitha is a poor widow who is in need of our help. Hers is one of the neediest families in her village. Her husband, Buda Raja Babu, was a hard working man who died of a viral fever at a young age. Young Sunitha, as was customary, returned with her three year child to live with her parents .

Sunitha’s daughter, Binisha, is now 12 and  studying in 7th grade in the nearby Government School. Gradually, Sunitha has become the breadwinner of the family, going for odd jobs as she can, but that has become increasingly difficult during the pandemic. Her father is aging and no longer able to do any heavy work.  Add to that, due to the lockdown he is unable to go for any odd jobs as senior citizens are generally not employed during the pandemic. Her mother is under treatment for a heart problem which means many medical bills that Sunitha is responsible for. Her eldest sister Bhavani, aged 33, is physically handicapped and not settled in marriage.

The family lives in the parents’  house which consists of two rooms, veranda, kitchen and toilet and is electrified as per village system. Water is drawn from the public water available near the home. Sunitha desires to raise chicken, rabbits and goats. She will be ever grateful if any one willingly comes forward to sponsor her family.  With the help of  the venture capital available with the FFA program she would have a chance to have a stable source of income.  Gradually then she can come out of the clutches of poverty and can meet the medical expenses of her family members.