Celine and Paul of Thayil

Celine is a recent widow with two children and very ill in-laws. Her recently deceased husband was the main support of the family.

With your sponsorship, Celine would be better able to feed and clothe her children and help her in-laws in their illness.

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Family Members:
Celine, 38 years
Aleena, 13 years, daughter
Alan, 10 years, son
Solomon, 72 years, father-in-law
Thresiamma, 70 years, mother-in-law

Alleppey Region

Celine is a poor widow who is vested with the responsibility to care for her two children and aged sick in-laws. This small family was leading a very happy life and all came to an end with the sudden death of her beloved husband Paul on 27th March 2019.

Paul was a mason who well cared for the family. Celine was doing tailoring works in a shop and paid for the work done. She has been in great distress after the death of her husband and often fails to complete the stitching works on time. Moreover the thought of the future of her children and daily survival of the family is eating her up. Her daughter, Aleena, is studying in the 8th grade and her son, Alan, is in the 5th grade. These children are also very gloomy after the death of their father. Things are so dire that often the only meal for the children is lunch at school.

Celine’s in-laws live with her and have major medical problems. Her father-in-law is a cancer patient who underwent surgery in his intestine and is in need of regular medication and care. Her mother-in-law is having heart problems and  has to be rushed to the hospital quite often due to breathing difficulty. The family has no way to meet their daily needs nor the cost of the expensive medication they require.

The living conditions of the family are terrible. They are living in a small tiled house built over sixty years ago. It is in need of urgent repairs and they are facing much difficulty during the rainy season. The little plot of land has many shares so the family is not able to apply for a new house under government schemes.

Any help that a sponsor can offer them would be greatly appreciated.