Desmi of Kakariyil

The life of Desmi took a sad turn a decade ago as her husband left her and her son developed kidney disease. Now Desmi  and her son barely get by with the income from her small tailoring business.

With your sponsorship, Agnes could explore the possibility of a life-saving kidney transplant for her son.

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Family Members:
Desmi, 50 years
Demiso, 31 years, son
Demina, 29 years, daughter

Alleppey Region

When Desmi was forty years-old, she thought of herself as lucky. She had been married for more than twenty years, her son, Demison, was completing his education and had prospects for a good job, and her daughter was nearing an age where she would marry and start her own family. But over the next decade her life would change dramatically.

At 43, her husband abandoned the family to live with another woman. Desmi was thrown into deep depression. Then her son began suffering from unusual medical symptoms and was diagnosed with an aggressive kidney disease. In just two years he has gone from a productive professional to an ailing patient that requires dialysis every other day to survive.

Desmi’s daughter, Demina, was able to marry, but her husband is a modest laborer and the two can provide little financial assistance to Desmi and Demison.

Now, with only a small business in tailoring, Desmi is desperate to find the financial support to fund her son’s only hope for survival: a kidney transplant. With the aid of a sponsor Desmi and Demison could pursue the medical treatment that could save his life, and bring hope to this devastated family.