Esperentha and Barthilomi Family

Here is a family that has realized the value of education. Esperentha and her husband have five children and are committed to having their younger children attend school.  You can learn more of their story below.

With the support of an FFA sponsorship, Esperentha could begin to raise cows which would improve her family’s living conditions, assuring that their children begin to thrive and are able to keep up in school . (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Esperentha Raitha, 38 years
Barthilomi Raitha, 40 years, husband
Juleena Raitha, 19 years, daughter
Amrujo Raitha, 13 years, son
Sopana Raitha, 7 years, daughter
Abad Raitha, 5 years, son
Sureph Raitha, 3 years, daughter

Andhra Region

The Raitha family lives in the remote forests of Odisha. In this rugged landscape, Esperentha and her husband Barthilomi are raising five children. The entire family of seven lives together in a one-room mud hut with a tin roof. They use the streams surrounding their house for water and rely on the forestland surrounding them for their livelihood. It is a hard life, but for many years the family was happy with what they had.

The two oldest Raitha children never attended school. Their eldest daughter is blind in one eye but spent her childhood working in the forest with their parents. Their oldest son did the same. The family members are constantly suffering from the effects of malaria and typhoid, which are widespread in this area. They have little money for medication or nutritious food. Seeing the difficult lives of their children has made both parents understand the importance of education. While the family has little money, the parents now ensure that their younger children attend school. Two of their youngest children are attending the nearest government school, with a third set to start next year.

With the help of a sponsor, this family can continue to support their children – old and young – and provide them all with proper medication and healthy food. Esperentha and Barthilomi have already taken the first steps to make a better life for their family, and now you can help them continue that journey.