Family of Bhagyam Lokunda

Bhagyam is a recent widow struggling to support her two girls.

With the support of a sponsor, she could be part of the FFA’s Resource program and have a steady source of income to support her daughters as they complete their education. (To learn more about the Andhra Family Sponsorship program, click here.)

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Family Members:
Bhagyam Lokunda, 37 years
Sruthi Lokunda, daughter, 16 years
Preethi Lokunda, daughter, 11 years
Andhra Region

Bhagyam Lokunda is a widow from the village of Relly colony, Bathili in the Srikakulam District. Shobanababu, her husband, was a coolie worker. Their married life was blessed with two daughters who are smart and ambitious girls. Her eldest daughter, Sruthi, is aged 18 and doing her intermediate 1st year. Bhagyam’s younger daughter, Preethi, is aged 11 and studying in 7th grade. At present they are living in a temporary one room shelter with a toilet. Cooking is done outside of the house. Their dwelling does have electricity and water is available adjacent to their house but it is inadequate for two growing girls.

Bhagyam and her husband had applied for a proper house in the government scheme. As they were doing so her husband became sick but he did not pay much attention to his symptons. It turned out to be malaria, which is common in the area. It was not disgnosed early enough and Shobanababu died.
This was a great shock to Bhagyam but she has stepped up to the challenge. Her girls are continuing their studies but they have no steady source of income for their daily needs. Bhagyam goes for seasonal work when and where available but she worries about their housing.

If anyone stretches their hand to sponsor this family Bhagyam desires to make breakfast items and snacks to sell and make a steady income to live a decent life. It would allow the family to earn their livelihood and meet the urgent needs of the educational expenses of her children and live a life with human dignity in their village. She will be ever grateful if anyone willingly comes forward to give a helping hand.