Family of Jaseentha and Josey

Jaseentha is a middle ages Covid widow struggling to meet the needs of her extended family.

With the support of a sponsor, Jaseentha would have a steady stream of funds to supplement her and her daughter’s meager wages. Please read the story below for more information on this deserving family.

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Family Members:
Jaseentha, 41 years
Sayana, 21 years, daughter
Saniya, 16 years, daughter
James, father-in-law, 81 years
Elizabeth, mother-in-law, 71 years

Alleppey region

Jaseentha became a widow in June 2021 when her dear husband, Josey, died from Covid. Josey had been a fisherman and also built furniture in the off season. He took good care of Jaseentha and their two daughters.

Since Josey’s death, Jaseentha has gone to work in a plastics factory and struggles to meet the needs of her extended family. Josey’s parents stay with Jaseentha and her daughters and have been a great moral support for Jaseentha but they have many medical needs that Jaseentha struggles to help with.

The future is bright for the two daughters, Sayana and Saniya, if their mother can make it through the next few years. Sayana has already completed a pharmaceutical course and has an entry level job nearby as a pharmacist. Since she is just a beginners the wages are still low. Saniya has finished 12th grade studies and is awaiting her exam results to see where her future lies.

The family lives in a house built with the help of a government grant from the tsunami damage. There is a bank lien on the house of $8571 from a loan from Josey’s furniture business.

The major needs of this family then that Jaseentha faces are income to meet their daily living expenses, medical expenses, educational expenses of her daughter, as well as paying off their debt.

The support of a sponsor would greatly help Jaseentha in meeting these needs and assuring a brighter future for this family.