Family of Jitha and Sebastian

Jitha lives with her husband, children, and elderly in-laws in a single one-room hut. They try hard to support everyone.

With the support of a sponsor, Jitha and her husband would be better able to feed and care for everyone. Please read the story below for more information on this deserving family.

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Family Members:
Jitha, 34 years
Sebastian, husband, 40 years
Asaliya Retha, daughter, 10 years
Anamika, daughter, 8 years
Louise, father-in-law, 72 years
Reetha, mother-in-law, 60 years

Alleppey Region

Imagine living with your husband, children, and elderly in-laws in a single one-room hut. The hut is temporary; you’ve built it from concrete blocks and a metal sheet roof. You have no electricity, no plumbing, and when the monsoon rains come, your floor is awash in muddy water. This is the life of Jitha, a loving 34-year-old mother.

Jitha and her husband, Sebastian, are a hard-working couple who are raising two beautiful and bright daughters. But like so many families in Kerala, their lack of education limits their ability to earn a living wage. They have lived every day of their lives trying to make ends meet.

When Sebastian’s parents began suffering from health issues, this loving couple opened their home to them. Now they are a family of six, living under one thin metal roof.

Jitha and Sebastian’s greatest wish is that their two daughters can continue their schooling. They understand that the girls’ futures depends on their education. But they must also balance the need for food, shelter, and medical care for everyone in their home.

A sponsor could help this family develop a more stable source of income, and with it ensure that their two beautiful daughters can grow to reach their full potential.