Family of Sandhya Rani

Sandhya is a recent widow who lost her husband tragically in a terrible train accident.

Sandhya struggles to support her children. With the help of a sponsor, Sandya could be part of the FFA’s Resource program and begin a dressmaking business in her home. (To learn more about the Andhra Family Sponsorship program, click here.)

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Family Members:
Sandhya Rani, 33 years
Joshnika, daughter, 14 years
Praneeth, son, 10 years
Bensika, daughter, 5 years

Andhra Region

The Rajana family is a particularly tragic case from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This loving family was supported by Kalyan Babu, a talented painter. A dedicated and loving father, he and his wife Sandhya were blessed with three children, now ages 14, 10 and 5. The family were members of the Catholic church, and lived a humble but happy life.

But 2022 was a year that would change everything. For Christmas, the family decided to travel to Kalyan Babu’s hometown to celebrate the holiday with family. When they arrived, he was joyfulyl helping his family members down from the train, when he fell. He was killed instantly. The shock of such unimaginable tragedy during a time of celebration defies words.

Sandhya, now a widow, returned with the children to their village. Devastated, she tries each day to find the strength to continue. This family is in dire need of help. Sandhya has never worked, so the family has been relying on their aging in-laws for every need. With the help of a sponsor, Sandhya, who does know some tailoring, could begin a business in her home making clothing which would give Sandya and her children a dependable source of income for their needs.