Durga Jakkala Family

Durga is a 34 year old widow who is struggling to care for her three children and an aged grandmother. She and her children all show symptoms of HIV/AIDS and are in need of medical care. Durga struggles to run a small shop by the one room house the family lives in.

If you sponsor this family, your monthly donation will help Durga expand her shop and help her family to receive medical care desperately needed.

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Family Members

Jakkala Durga, 34 years
Jakkala Tarunkumar, son, 15 years
Jakkala Swathi, daughter, 11 years
Jakkala Srivalli, daughter, 10 years
Jakkala Kanniyamma, 67 years

Andhra Pradesh Region

This is the family of 34-year-old Durga Jakkala. Durga has a very sad story. She comes from a very poor background and was married to one of her own relatives when she was young. Both she and her husband worked odd jobs to support their growing family. Sadly, Durga did not know that her husband was infected with HIV/AIDS, and he did not share this information or accept any treatment for his condition. He passed away from complications of the disease eight years ago, leaving Durga to care for their three young children alone.

When Durga was widowed she had no savings and no house or land of her own. The family was forced to move in with Durga’s aging grandmother to survive. Now the entire family lives together in a one room home. Durga provides care for her grandmother, supports the children, and is the only source of income for the entire family.

Durga has three children. The oldest child is 15-year-old son Tarunkumar. He attends school and is in 9th grade. While the family has great hope for him, Tarunkumar is suffering from symptoms that indicate he is likely also infected with HIV/AIDS. Both daughters, 11-year-old Swathi and 10-year-old Srivalli are also enrolled in school, but they too suffer from symptoms that are likely caused by HIV/AIDS.

The family is not currently receiving any medical treatment for their illnesses, and their situation is bleak. Durga does run a small shop to provide some income, and she has plans to expand the storefront to allow for a greater income, but she is currently very weak from her medical issues. A sponsor would make an enormous difference for this family, allowing them to receive the medical assistance they need to survive.