James Peter Family

This extended family is in desperate need of assistance. The parents are both ill and unable to work regularly. Only one of the children has been able to graduate from school. They care for an aged grandparent.

With the support of a sponsor, this family could repair their home, buy medications and hopefully keep the youngest two children in school.

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Family Members
James, 47 years
Gracy, wife, 45 years
Jancy, daughter, 21 years
Sneha, daughter, 19 years
Tony, son, 16 years
Diana, daughter, 15 years
Emmanuel, son, 12 years
Yesudasi, mother, 85 years

Alleppey Region

This is a family in dire need of assistance. Father James and mother Gracy are the proud parents of five children, but their lives are hard and the family lives in absolute poverty. Of their five children only two are currently in school, and only one has been able to graduate. In addition to caring for their five children, the couple is responsible for James’ 85 year old mother, who is not well and requires care and medication.

James is ill with thyroid issues and back problems, and his income from work in the coir carpet industry has been less and less reliable with each passing year. Gracy is also struggling with health problems, but makes a small amount of money doing household work for more affluent families in the area. She brings home food from the houses she works in to try and feed the family.

The oldest daughter, Jancy, has been the only child to complete any level of education. She had to forego advanced studies and tutors small children. Her sister Senha gave up on her studies as did the son, Tony. The family hopes to keep the two younger children in school so they may learn trades and help support the family.

This entire family lives in a small, dilapidated home in need of repair. With the help of a sponsor they could receive the education, training, health care, and nutrition they need to live full, meaningful lives.