Kerala Flood Relief Fund

The impact of monsoon floods this summer has been devastating.

Please read Sr. Helen’s letter from August 23, 2018 and consider donating what you can to help those in need.



The devastation from the floods in Kerala has been dramatic. Sr. Helen wrote on August 23:

” We have no words for your sympathy in this great crisis our State is facing. It is for the first time in our life that we are facing such a great disaster. All your families are affected by the flood as only few families living along the town area of Ernakulam and Alleppey were saved without much loss.Â

“We were having heavy rainfall and there were frequent debris flows that all the dams were filled. The government authorities were forced to open all the dams to avoid a great disaster of the dam bursting. Along with the heavy rainfall and overcome flow from the dams, the water level in the sea also raised and it created great flood. This is the great tragedy Kerala is facing where all the families were affected likewise our sponsored families were also affected. All your sponsored families are living along the coastal belt and there were chaos due to stagnant rainwater and sea erosion. Most of the houses are damaged and as water is lowering there is clay all around filled with dead reptiles and other water bodies.Â

“The next threat we will have to face will be the spreading of contagious diseases. The most affected area is Kuttanad just two kilometers away from Alleppey and there is not even a trace that there existed a place filled with people. Kuttanad is a place well known for his greenery and vegetation. The loss occurred is not countable in terms of money and it will take much time to get back things to normal stage. Your sponsored families were transferred to relief camps and when the water level lowered, families are returning to their houses. But the dilemma is that the town area which was saved from the disaster is filled with refugees.

“The most remarkable matter to be mentioned here is the service rendered by our fisher folk even in the midst of their starvation and difficulties. Water was raised in Kuttanad beyond the ability of forces for rescue operation, and it was the tiresome effort of our fishermen that many people were saved and brought to Alleppey. The pictures of fishermen helping the people in their fishing crafts are viral in social media and we are more dignified that their bravery saved many people. Even though they were not able to go for work for many days, they are contented that they were channelized as God’s divine instruments to save many lives.

“The situation here is that those in the relief camps are provided with food, clothing, medicine and toiletries by the generous people around and from other states. Unfortunately those families who manage their lives in their own houses are really starving. They are deprived of everything what is needed and cannot go for work also. Our many beneficiary families are in this pathetic condition. Some of them did not get place in the camps even. Government is also not taking any decision concerning our fisher folk who lost their houses, boats and nets. FFA Monsoon Relief fund is spent to help these poor families. Please do pray that the situation is settled soon and those who lost everything may be helped generously and justly.

Once again thanking you and requesting your continuous prayer support for the relief measures in our place.”

Sr. Helen
FFA Alleppey Office, India