Mani Nelparthi Family

Mani Nelaparthi is a young widow with two children who is in desperate need of support. Her husband died of a massive heart attack leaving the family with an unfinished home and no means of income. They live in a one room shack with no electricity.

With the help of a sponsor, Mani could begin a small shop to sell rice and other foodstuffs, thus having a way to support her family.

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Family Members:
Mani Nelaparthi, 31 years
Kalyani Nelaparthi, 13 years
Dorababu Nelaparthi, 11 years

Andhra Pradesh Region
The Nelaparthis are a small family of three that live in Andhra Pradesh. Mani, the mother, is the sole provider to her beloved daughter Kalyani, 13, and son Dorababu, 11. They were left destitute when her husband Thrimoorthi died of a sudden heart attack last year. Before his death the family had worked hard to improve their lot in life. The parents were described as “affectionate and ambitious”. Their hard work ensured that the children were able to attend school, and they were building a comfortable home for their children. The children also came to value hard work, and both have done well in school.
Thrimoorthi’s death was so sudden that he left behind a grieving family with no plan for how to care for themselves. The house he was working on was only partially completed, and Mani has no money to finish the structure. Instead, they now live in a single-room thatched hut with no water or electricity. Mani has no training or skills, and so she picks up any odd jobs she can to earn an income for her family. The entire family is still in shock from the sudden loss of their adored father and husband, and they feel without hope of a bright future.

With the help of a sponsor, Mani could start a small shop on the property they have where she could sell rice and other food stuffs. It would be a means to self sufficiency for this suffering family.