Matilda and Benedict of Panakal

This is a very sad case. Matilda is a mother who cannot work, feed her family, or afford medical care. She was sponsored in November of last year but the sponsor has come upon hard times and cannot continue sponsorship.

With your sponsorship, Matilda would be better able to feed her family, seek medical care and work to improve their living conditions.

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Family Members:
Matilda, 36 years
Benedict, 44 years, husband
Nisania, 13 years, daughter
Abin, 8 years, son
Siya, 5 years, duaghter

Alleppey Region

Matilda is a poor married woman with three children who is in desperate need of help. Her husband works as a paid laborer in fishing and brings home a small irregular income for the family. Matilda used to work odd jobs but severe back pain now keeps her at home. She has been diagnosed with kidney stones and breast cysts but has no funds for medical treatment.

Her three children often go to school hungry. The elder daughter Nisania is studying in the 8th grade, the only son is in the 3rd grade and the younger daughter is attending the local kindergarten. Matilda is very much worried about the future of their children.

The family’s living arrangements are dire. They are staying in a semi-permanent hut surrounded with water logged canals and marshy land. Since they do not have a proper toilet they go to the open lonely grounds for their needs.

If ever there was a family in need of a sponsor, this family is the one.