Mini Devupalli Family

Mini is a poor mother with two growing girls. Her husband deserted her and left her struggling to provide for her daughters.

With the help of a sponsor, Mini could begin selling fruits and vegetables and be able to support her family. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Mini Devupalli, 37 years
Anjali Devupalli, daughter, 8 years
Anu Devupalli, daughter, 3 years

Andhra Region

Mini Devupalli is one of the poor distressed women in her village.  She lost her father in her childhood. Her mother who was very poor tried to bring up and settled her in marriage. Mini never received any formal education, given her mother’s dire poverty, but she was an attractive,  hardworking girl and at the age of 26 she was married to a handsome man. He willingly came forward to marry her with no demands for a dowry. Her poor mother believed his false messages, empty words and gave her beloved daughter in marriage. All Mini’s dreams were shattered within a few days. Mini realized her husband was an alcoholic and he began to abuse her. She kept her situation to herself as she did not want to hurt her mother with her painful story. Poverty and her helplessness made her accept the hard realities of her life.

God blessed Mini with two pretty and intelligent girls. Mini’s elder daughter named Anjali is now aged 8 and is studying in 2nd grade. Anu, her second daughter, is aged three and not yet enrolled in any kindergarten school. Mini and her daughters have lived a sad life. Soon after the birth of the second child, her husband abandoned Mini for the cruel reason that she had not given birth to any boys. After his disappearance, it was discovered that her husband was living with other women.

Mini is the sole breadwinner of her small family. She has no land or house. The family lives in a a small rented house of one room with a small veranda. For this she has to pay $ 30 per month as rent. She goes to three houses as a part time domestic servant where she gets a meager income, not sufficient to meet her family’s daily needs. She is willing to take up any challenges to give a better future to her innocent growing ambitious children.

If any one stretches their hand to sponsor this family, they could start selling vegetables and fruits and enjoy the rare privileges offered by FFA to reach the goal of self-reliance. It would mean Mini could give her children an education and help meet the medical needs of her aged sickly mother.