The Family of Rosamma and Earnest

This is a sad story of two elderly people who could benefit so much from the help of a sponsor. Rosamma was married to Ernest in a desperate attempt by her parents to create a future for her. Now she is the support of her dear husband in his old age.

With your sponsorship, the couple could depend upon a regular stream of income to help them deal with their problems.

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Family Members:

Rosamma, 59 years
Ernest, 85 years, husband

Alleppey Region

Rosamma is a poor sickly woman married to Earnest, who is 25yrs older to her. In olden times parents of destitute families used to settle their over aged daughters in marriage somehow like this without giving any dowry.

This poor couple have no children and they are surviving with the meager pension availed by the government. Both of them used to go for odd jobs, but now they cannot. Rosamma is suffering from chronic asthma and prolapsed disc problems .In addition to this she has a hump on her back and has many health issues due to this. Earnest who is very old is a heart patient and his legs are not steady enough for him to stand on his own. In a way Rosamma is a real gift to this poor Earnest for she can care for him in his old age.

The two are staying in a small tiled house built in a water logged area. Even after a small rain they cannot get out .The condition of the house is very pathetic and is could collapse anytime due to its dampness. The house needs urgent repairs and maintenance.

The help of a sponsor for this kind elderly couple would be a miracle to them.