The Anadhamparampil Family

Imagine moving your daughters into a shed for shelter as your home collapsed. This is the plight of Kochuthresia, a mother with two teenage daughters and an invalid husband.

Your sponsorship would allow her daughters to continue their education and help Kochthresia to feed her family, purchase medications for her husband  and  improve the family’s shelter.

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Family Members:
Kochuthresia, 46 years
Benjamin, 51 years, husband
Mary Margaret, 18 years, daughter
Maria Jasmine, daughter, 16 years

Alleppey Region

Kochuthresia and Benjamin are hardworking and devoted parents. They married nearly twenty years ago and initially had a happy life. After their two daughters were born Kochuthresia began suffering from severe migraine headaches. While painful and debilitating, Benjamin was able to earn enough money as a fisherman to allow Kochuthresia to stay home and rest. Their daughters attended local schools and were always good students.

A few years ago, however, Benjamin began experiencing back pain during his work. The pain became worse and worse until he was forced to get medical attention. It was discovered that he has a blocked nerve in his spine. He was given a back brace and prescribed medication to minimize the pain, but his career as a fisherman was over. The family was left with no income and no prospects for how to move forward.

Benjamin’s condition has continued to worsen; he now has difficulty just walking from place to place and has fallen and needed assistance several times. With their limited resources going towards his treatment the family’s home fell into disrepair and collapsed. Now the family is without income and they live in a temporary shed on the property. Both parents worry constantly about the safety of their daughters in this place.

The daughters have continued to do their best in this difficult situation. Their eldest daughter, Mary Margaret, just finished her 12th grade studies. Because there was no money for further schooling she is now attending a short term computer training class in hope she will be able to find work to help her family. Their younger daughter, Maria Jasmine, is in 10th grade and knows her future lies in doubt as well.

This family is in need of support to address their medical needs and ensure that their two daughters are able to finish school. A small amount of assistance could have a huge impacts on their lives.