The Anchuthykal Family

Here is a family who has gone into debt paying for health care for one of their children. Their oldest son wants to begin a training course but there are no funds to pay tuition. Is it any wonder the mother, Thresiamma, is near despair.

Both Thresiamma and her husband have many medical problems that keep them from working. Your sponsorship would allow them to begin to restore their dignity and health. You can read their full story below.

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Family Members:
Thresiamma, 42 years
Abraham, 44 years, husband
Aneesh, 18 years, son
Anila, 14 years, daughter

Alleppey Region

Thresiamma is a hard-working wife and mother who is desperate for help to support her family. She has always worked as a tailor and umbrella maker, but she is recently diagnosed with a terrible skin disease and a cardiovascular condition. Her doctors advised her to cut back on work in the name of her health. This is complicated by the fact that Thresiamma’s husband has a significant mental condition and one of her two children also suffers from medical issues. Thresiamma’s husband is named Abraham and he requires regular medication to maintain his mental state. Without it he becomes unstable, refusing to work and turning violent towards Thresiamma.

At the same time, their 14-year-old daughter Anila suffer from fits (possible epilepsy) and a thyroid condition. Thresiamma is grief-stricken over the state of her daughter’s health and has taken out loans to pay for medical treatments. The family now finds themselves in debt, with a dilapidated house, very limited income, and few options.

Their son, 18-year-old Aneesh, has just graduated from 12th grade and is eager to attend an industrial training program, but the family has no money to send him. With the aid of a sponsor this family could have immediate help; medications for their illnesses, tuition for their son, and the promise of brighter days ahead.