The Anusuri Family

Ramyasree is a 16 year old girl who has lost most of her family. Despite this, she continues to study and care for an elderly grandmother.

Your sponsorship would provide funds to support Ramyasree and her grandmother while she completes her degree.

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Family Members:
Ramyasree, 16 years
Lakshmi, 67 years, grandmother

Andhra Pradesh Region

Ramyasree is a young woman of great promise who is coping with the loss of most of her immediate family. Her father died from complications of HIV/AIDS several years ago leaving her mother to raise Ramyasree and her two siblings. Despite their sadness, the children worked hard and all appeared to have bright futures.

Ramyasree’s eldest sister left the area for a good marriage in a distant village, while Ramyasree continued to live at home, attending school and helping her mother. Her brother was a successful engineering student and a great hope for the family. Ramyasree too earned admission to a competitive computer science program.

Sadly, tragedy struck the family again when her brother contracted a viral fever and died of complications from its treatment. Ramyasree’s mother was so stricken with grief that her own health became compromised. In her weakened state she too contracted a fever and passed away.

Now Ramyasree was left as an orphan. She lost all hope and interest in attending her computer program and became deeply depressed. It was only the timely intervention of the local Canossian sisters that helped Ramyasree see the potential for a still-bright future. With encouragement Ramyasree returned to school to continue her computer science degree.

Ramyasree now lives with her only surviving family member in the area, her grandmother Lakshmi. Their position is perilous; they have little money to live on, let alone pay for Ramyasree’s studies. With the aid of a sponsor the women could start a small business that would provide income for them to survive and for Ramyasree to complete her degree.