The Biddika Family

Kanchami is a 33 year old widow who is doing everything possible to support her 14 year old daughter, Poorna, and her elderly father. Unfortunately, because of their dire situation, Poorna is unable to attend school.

If Kanchami finds a sponsor, she would be able to use the land around her home to raise livestock and Poorna would be able to return to school. You can read their full story below.

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Family Members:
Kanchami, 33 years
Somanna, 56 years, father
Poorna, 14 years, daughter

Andhra Pradesh Region

Kanchami is a 33 year old widow who lives in a remote rural area of Andhra Pradesh. The FFA staff became aware of her situation when she ventured to town to seek help in educating her 14 year old daughter.

Kanchami was married at 18 years old to a nice man from a neighbouring village. Their life started happily enough; the couple cultivated their surrounding land and was blessed with the birth of their beautiful daughter, Poorna. Kanchami’s father Sonmanna, a widower, lived with the couple, and life was manageable. Things changed, however, when Kanchami’s husband began drinking alcohol. Over the years he stopped working and relied on Kanchami to run the household, earn income, and care for her aging father. The situation worsened each year. During this time Poorna attended a distant government school, but when she reached the 9th grade her father passed away from complications of alcoholism and she was forced to return home to help Kanchami manage the household.

Now Poorna cares for her sickly grandfather wile Kanchami struggles to make a living in the surrounding area. Kanchami is illiterate but hardworking. She currently finds work as a day labourer for $1.50 per day, which is not enough to feed herself, much less the entire family. The family is struggling to survive.

There is great potential here for a sponsor to make a big impact on this family. Because the family owns some land around their home they are great candidates for a small livestock operation. A sponsor could help them purchase sheep or goats to raise for a stable income. This type of work would allow Kanchami to stay close to home to care for her father. This would enable Poorna to return to school. It’s impossible to overstate what an enormous difference a sponsor would make in this family’s lives.