The Bindhani family

Dasuni’s husband died while their five children were still young. This amazing woman struggled and was able to raise her children, settle her four daughters in marriage, and purchase a rickshaw for her son as he studied to be a driver.

Unfortunately, money lenders began to harass Dasuni for funds owed and both Dasuni and her son soon found themselves living a life of poverty.

With the help of a sponsor, Dasuni could begin to raise animals and regain her dignity. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Dasuni Bindhani, 33 years
Simanchala Bindhani, 26 years, son
Babbita Bindhani, 23 years, daughter-in-law
Granddaughter, one year
Celestin, grandson

Andhra Region

Dasuni Bindhani is a widow, settled in a remote underdeveloped village named Jubo in the hill tract of Gangavathi District, in Odisha State. Dasuni lost her husband years ago to malaria. She plunged into responsibility for her five young children with a daring spirit. She had four daughters and the youngest was a boy. As the children grew up, Dasuni settled the girls in marriage. Her only son, Simanchala, trained as a rickshaw driver and Dasuni purchased an auto rickshaw so he could earn his livelihood and live a decent life in the society. She settled him in marriage with a girl from a neighboring village. and then handed over responsibilities entirely to her son with the hope of leading a restful life. One of her daughter’s sons, Celestin, came to live with her and attend to her needs.

Dasuni’s settlement of her daughters in marriage created a debt which she was gradually paying back to the money lenders. However when the public came to know that she had handed over her power to her son, the money lenders came with their detailed accounts on the money which had accumulated with interest into a huge sum. To clear her debt Dasuni sold her house. Still the money was not sufficient to clear the debt and the money lenders were worrying her constantly she also sold the rickshaw she had purchased for her son to clear the debt. All of this financial crisis took a toll on both Dasuni and her son.

Dasuni, and her grandson Celestin, joined with her son Simanchala and his family to rent a house. However the effects of the crisis have left both Dasuni and her son struggling to make ends meet – starvation and poverty now haunt the family.

If Dasuni can find a sponsor, she would be eager to take advantage of the FFA’s special venture capital program in the Andhra region and begin to raise cows. This with the monthly support of a sponsor would allow this family to begin to reconstruct their lives.