The Bogadhi Family

Bharathi is a young widow who finds herself abandoned by her husband and living in a 7 member household.

With the help of a sponsor, Bharathi could participate in the FFA’s Andhra Resource Program. She is eager to start a modest storefront  to help support the group of seven who include elderly, young and ill. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Bharathi Bogadhi, age unknown
Shunmuka Bogadhi, 13 years, son
Padma Bogadhi, 9 years, daughter
Seethamma Bogadhi, 65 years, Mother-in-law
Banu Bogadhi, 35 years, sister-in-law
Rella Hemaltha, 6 years, step daughter
Govinda Bogadhi, 26 years, sister-in-law

Andhra Region

The Bogadhi household is unusual, even for this area. Living together in this one-room structure are seven people, representing three generations of women and their children. Each has survived sickness, abandonment, and despair, but they have come together under one roof to care for each other.

The oldest woman in this household is Seethamma, a sixty-five-year-old widow. Years of hard work and poverty have taken their toll on her body. She is unable to work, but she is determined to help her struggling family members. Her plight was brought to our attention by her daughter-in-law, Bharathi. Bharathi came to live with Seethamma when her husband abandoned her and her two children. When she joined the household she discovered that Seethamma’s two adult daughters lived in the house as well. One is twenty-six-year-old Govinda, who is mentally disabled and cannot live on her own. The other is Banu, a thirty-five-year-old woman with the same story as Bharathi; she was abandoned by her husband and now lives here with her own young daughter.

Altogether there are seven people in this household. Their home is this small one-room shack, which they rent for a monthly fee. There is only outdoor space for cooking and no toilet or plumbing. It is a difficult life. Bharathi is eager to help provide for the household, but with the responsibility of caring for the old, young, and ill, it is difficult to find work. She is eager to connect with a sponsor who could help the family start a modest storefront from their home. This type of business would give the family a reliable source of income that all of the adults could be part of.