The Bula Family

These aged grandparents lovingly took in their two young grandchildren after the death of their parents.

With your sponsorship, they wish to begin raising some goats and chickens to sell so they can improve the family’s living conditions.

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Family Members:
Venkayyamma, grandmother, 65 years
Narasimharao, grandfather, 69 years
Vanella, granddaughter, 13 years
Stanavi, granddaughter, 11 years

Andhra Pradesh Region

The Bulas are an older couple who took in their two granddaughters when their son and his wife died from complications of HIV/AIDS. Grandmother Venkayyamma, aged 65, and her husband, aged 69, have already lived long and difficult lives and are suffering from all of the ailments one associates with old age. Still, their daughter-in-law knew them to be kind people and trusted that they would find a way to care for her beloved children.

The two girls, now 13 and 11, are attending the local school. Both grandparents have been moved by their love for their girls to try to find work and make a good life for these children. With the assistance of a sponsor they hope to run a small livestock operation at their home to generate income for the family. They are a kind, hardworking, and dedicated couple and this family truly deserves some assistance.