The Chalathara Family

Lissy is a young wife with a newborn son, Kevin, and a husband in a coma. Her in-laws are trying to help her but the family is desperate.

With your sponsorship, Lissy would be able to provide better care for her infant son.

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Family Members:
Lissy, 28 years
Nelson, 29 years, husband
Kevin, 7 months, son
Job, 59 years, father-in-law
Lilly, 57 years, mother-in-law
Judson, 27 years, brother-in-law

Alleppey Region

Lissy and Nelson Chalathara were a happy young couple who met and fell in love despite their different religious backgrounds. Lissy left her family to marry Nelson, and in the spring of 2017 the couple learned they were expecting their first child. Then tragedy struck. Nelson, a hard-working fisherman, suffered a terrible head injury on his way to work. He was brought to the hospital and underwent several surgeries. While the surgeries saved his life, he has not regained consciousness since the accident nearly a year ago. Lissy gave birth to the couple’s first child with Nelson in a coma. Nelson’s parents and brother have done everything in their power to care for the family, but Lissy is now facing thousands of dollars of debt and she must care for her young son and her bedridden husband. She lives in a half-finished house. Friends and neighbors have also tried to help, but the family remains in dire need.