The Chappala Family

Saraswathi and her husband are in desperate need of help. They are unable to work due to Saraswathi’s health. Their children are doing well in their education but may have to leave school to find odd jobs to help their parents. You can read more of their plight below.

With the help of a sponsor, Saraswathi could raise cows and goats on their land for a small income and the girls could remain in school. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Saraswathi Chappala, 34 years
Davidu Chappala, 37 years, husband
Manju Swarnalatha, 20 years, daughter
Apparna Chappala, 17 years, daughter

Andhra Region

Saraswathi and Davidu live in a remote village area where there are no odd jobs or proper conveyance to reach a town to find any coolie works. They are part of the Scheduled Caste. The area where they live was developed by the government for the homeless and has no basic services and limited water available.  The men and women go to distant villages in search of work for a period of time. Children are placed in a government hostel for their studies.

Saraswathi is a chronic asthma patient for many years. Her husband Davidu is a hard working man but he is unable to go to distant villages in search for  jobs because Saraswathi often gets acute asthma attacks and needs to be taken to hospital for medication and an oxygen treatment. They live in a 35 year old house with two rooms, veranda and recently they built a toilet with government funding.

Saraswathi and David have two daughters and they are their hope for the future. The oldest, Manju, is studying engineering. The younger daughter, Apparna, has completed part of her education and wants to apply for professional training.  As part of the Schedule caste they get free education. Both daughters are at a point where they must make a choice to continue studies or give up their dreams and look for coolie work so they can help their parents.  Their mother has major medical expenses, there is no family income and their house is falling apart.

This family is in urgent need of a helping hand. If some compassionate person sponsors Saraswathi, she could raise chickens and goats with the help of the FFA resource program in Andhra. The girls could continue their education. The family would be eternally grateful for this help.