The Davvala Family

AIDs has devastated this family, leaving them in desperate need of help. Kameswari is the 36 year old mother. She would love to improve the lot of her family by developing a business selling rice. Your sponsorship could make this happen.

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Family Members
Kameswari, 36 years
Apparao, husband, 40 years
Bharathi, daughter, 17 years
Anil Kumar, son, 15 years

Andhra Pradesh Region

The story of Kameswari is a sad one. Both she and her husband, Apparao, suffer from AIDS and T.B. and these diseases are impacting on the their lives and those of their teenage children dramatically.

Apparao can no longer work as a cycle rickshaw puller. The physical effects of his illnesses on Apparao are striking – he is losing weight and no long able to stand. He has difficulty eating and constantly nauseous.

Kameswari goes for odd jobs in nearby houses where she earns a meager income and sometimes receives leftover food to bring home for her husband and two teenage children.

Faced with the serious illnesses of her parents, Bharathi, the eldest daughter, dropped her studies at the age of 15 and went to work in a nearby embroidery stitching company for meager earnings. She has been the main bread winner of the family for the past two years. Her brother, Anil Kumar, continues his studies but often skips class and to pick up odd jobs to help meet the daily needs of the family.

The family lives in a one room home and is struggling to make ends meet. Odd jobs do not bring enough food to feed this family. Both children have health problems brought on by their living conditions. With sponsorship, Kameswari would have hope. Through the venture capital of the FFA’s Andra Pradesh Family Sponsorship Project, she could develop an business selling rice which would provide a steady source of income for the family. Kameswari is committed to improving the lot of her family and is certain she would be successful in this enterprise. She prays desperately daily for the help of a sponsor to make her dream happen.