The Family of Ancy and Sebastian

Ancy is a devoted wife and mother of three young children. Her husband was injured in a work accident and can no longer provide for the family nor help care for the children if Ancy worked.

The children often go hungry and the couple struggles to pay their rent.

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Family Members:
Ancy, 30 years
Sebastian, 36 years, husband
Christina, 5 years, daughter
Steny, 4 years, daughter
Abel, 1 year, son

Alleppey Region

Ancy is a poor young woman with an ailing husband and three little kids who is striving to make both ends meet. She is not able to go for any work as there is no one in the house to care for their children. 

Her husband, Sebastian, was a hardworking fisherman.  In 2017 he met with an accident and was hospitalized for a long period.  He had a head injury, which created neuropathic disorders and now he is a mental patient.  At times he goes to assist his co-workers to separate fish from the net and gets some menial wages. 

The family has no way to provide nourishing full meals for their children. Due to covid the children are at home and so there is no chance for them to even have lunch at school.  The only relief is the free ration availed by the government for the time being.  Their elder daughter, Christina, is studying in the 1st grade; the younger daughter is attending the local kindergarten while their precious son  is too young for school. 

This poor family has no land or house of their own and is staying in a rented house.  Quite often they fail to pay the rent on time but seeing their pathetic condition of living the aged house owners so far have never threatened to evict them. 

This poor couple is looking for some kind assistance to overcome the crisis of their life.  They are very much worried about the future of their kids.  These children will have a bright future if they can be fed regularly.