The Family of Bincymol

Bincy is a recent widow left with two small children and an elderly mother-in-law to support. She is in dire need of help as she is needed at home to care for her children and mother-in-law and so is limited in ways to earn income.

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Family Members:
Bincymol, 32 years
Antony Vimal, 6 years, son
Anna Mary, 2 years, daughter
Mary Selva Rani, 75 years, Mother-in-law

Alleppey Region

Fishing is a common livelihood in the Indian state of Kerala. Fisherman take to the ocean or backwater canals in traditional wooden boats, hauling long nets to catch what they can. The work is hard and dangerous. No one knows this more than the widows who have lost their husbands to the sea. Bincy is one of those widows. Before tragedy struck, she lived a simple life with her husband Stephen. They loved and cared for their two small children, Antony and Anna, and Stephen’s elderly mother, Mary.

Everything changed last September. Stephen went fishing with his nephew on a local flooded lake. As the two were hauling a fishing net onto the boat, the nephew fell into the water. With no concern for himself, Stephen immediately jumped into the water to help. But both men were overcome by the conditions. They drowned, leaving Bincy a widow and Stephen’s elderly mother grieving her son and grandson at the same time.

Now Bincy, Mary, and the two children are struggling to survive each day. Mary suffers from a heart condition and diabetes, which leave her too ill to work or manage the young children. Bincy needs to work to support the family, but at the same time she must stay at home to care for her young children and elderly mother-in-law. It is a struggle to put food on the table, and to keep the roof over their head. This family needs support to get back on their feet. Bincy is capable young woman who would make the most of any support provided by a sponsor.