The Family of David and Jessy

David and Jessy are a devoted couple with two daughters who are struggling with the reality of Jessy’s breast cancer.

With your sponsorship, the family would receive support that would help them through this difficult period in their lives.

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Family Members:
David, 53 years
Jessy, 52 years, wife
Sneha, 17 years, daughter
Neha, 13 years, daughter

Alleppey Region

This is a truly tragic story. David has worked hard all his life to support his wife and two daughters. A prolapsed disc prevents him from doing some of the painting work that he used to do as he can no longer work on top of buildings. He still goes for odd jobs when available.

His wife, Jessy, helped support the family for many years despite being a diabetic but is  no longer able to work as she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

Jessy’s illness has devastated the family. The two daughters are in school but worried sick about their mother. The family is living in a dilapidated house with no roof…they had received a government grant to build a new home and were about to start construction when Jessy became ill.

Now the family is struggling to simply meet their daily needs and handle their medical expenses. The help of a sponsor would be a true gift to them.