The Family of Durga Lanka

Durga is a recent widow struggling to support herself and her teenage daughter.

With the support of a sponsor, she could be part of the FFA’s Resource program and take positive steps towards this goal. (To learn more about the Andhra Family Sponsorship program, click here.)

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Family Members:
Durga Lanka, 45 years
Gloria Lanka, daughter, 19 years
Deepika Lanka, daughter, 14 years,

Andhra Region

Lanka Durga is a poor widow who is in need of our active love and compassionate heart. She is one of the neediest families in her village.

Her husband, Babu Rao, was a Coolie worker. He worked hard for the well-being of his family and the couple dreamed of a better life for their two daughters. Unfortunately, he died of a stroke last February.

Durga is struggling to support her family. She has no skills and while Babu was alive focused on raising their two children. Now she goes for odd jobs of whatever kind she can find to bring in a small income for food. With the help of family, she was recently able to arrange a marriage for her older daughter but Deepika still lives with her mother in their small sheet-roof house that consists of two rooms and a small veranda and where cooking is done outside the house.

Durga worries about leaving Deepika alone in the house when she goes for work as it is not safe to do so in their village. With the help of a sponsor, Durga could be part of the FFA’s Resource Program and begin to raise chickens and goats by her home. This, along with the sponsor’s monthly support, would allow Durga to be able to provide for her daughter and allow Deepika to finish her studies.