The family of Esteena and Buchiram

Esteena lives with her husband and four children in a mud walled home in a tribal village where all have malaria.

Their main source of food is fruit they find in the neighboring mountains. With the help of a sponsor, Esteena could begin to raise animals and be better able to support her family. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Esteena Majhi, 33 years
Buchiram Majhi, husband, 36 years
Divya Sager Majhi, son, 15 years
Divya Vathi Majhi, daughter, 11 years
Divya Jyothi Majhi, daughter, 8 years
Divya Karuna Majhi, daughter, 4 years

Andhra Region

Esteena Majhi and Buchiram Majhi are a poor couple who are settled in a remote village of Jubo located in the hill tracts of Gangapathi District, in the State of Odisha. This area is still under developed and has no proper conveniences to live a dignified human life. The area is prone to malaria and most of the villagers are the victims of it. This is one of the families in their village that deserves our compassionate heart and active love.

God blessed Esteena and Buchiram with four children: Divya Sager aged 15 is studying in 10th grade. Divya Vathi aged 11 is studying in 7th grade, Divya Jyothi aged 8 in 4th grade and the youngest Divya Karuna aged 4 is in Kindergarten.

Esteena and Buchiram with their children live in a two room mud house with a metal roof. It is very difficult to dwell in their house during the summer. Cooking is done outside the house as is the custom in the village. There is electricity and public water provided by the villager system. They have little land good for cultivation and  collect fruits in the mountains for their sustenance. They also try to collect firewood in the mountains  to sell  to meet the various needs of the family.

If anyone stretches their hand to sponsor this family they could rear animals and enjoy the privileges offered by the FFA to reach the goal of self-reliance. This would help them to improve their health and live a life with human dignity.