The Family of Gedala Lakshmi

Chinnarao’s husband was involved in a tragic accident in 2021. You can read the full tale below.

Ultimately his legs were amputated and healing is taking a long time. His family is now penniless.

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Gedala Lakshmi, 34 years
Gedala Chinnaro, husband, 37 years
Gedala Keerthika, daughter, 10 years

Andhra Region

During December, many of us receive beautiful holiday cards, with images of smiling families and joyful tidings. But the family photo we are sharing today is of a different type. It is still a picture of a loving family: The Gedalas of Andhra Pradesh. At the center of the photo is Chinnarao, a caring father and husband. He is surrounded by his wife, Lakshmi, and 10-year-old daughter, Keerthika. But when you look at this family, your eyes are immediately drawn to the bandages Chinnarao wears. Without any explanation, it is immediately clear that this family has suffered a devastating year. And you are right.

In July of 2021 Chinnarao was in a terrible accident on the mountain roads of Andhra Pradesh. After falling from his own bike, he was run over by another vehicle and left helpless on the rural road. By the time he was brought to the hospital he was near death. In an attempt to save him, doctors amputated both of his legs.

After three months in the hospital he is stable, but his wounds are still healing and his future is unclear. His loving family has stood by him through the entire ordeal. They have spent all of their savings and taken out several loans to pay for his hospital care. The family is now penniless. They are in danger of losing their home, and Chinnarao still requires daily care for his injuries.

This family is in great need of support. With help, the Gedala family can focus their efforts on Chinnarao’s healing and look forward to a new year with hope.