The Family of Helen Asha

Helen is the mother of two young boys who lost both her father and her husband late in 2021. Now this grieving widow must pick up the pieces of her life and figure out how to support her two young sons.

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Family Members:
Helen, 36 years
Kevin, 12 years, son
Christy, 9 years, son

Alleppey region

Helen Asha is a poor young widow with two sons whose husband died of cancer in September.  Her husband, Binu, was working as a temporary driver and for the past few years he had been very sick with constant health issues.  By the time the cancer was diagnosed, it had spread all over his body.

Helen is the youngest among the three sisters.  Her mother died when they were small and their father brought them up with great struggle and managed to settle all three daughters in marriage.  As Helen is the youngest child, according to tradition, the little plot of land and small house of her father were given to her.  Helen and family lived there with her father.  Sadly, a few weeks before the death of her husband, her father passed away.

Helen is very depressed after losing her beloved father and husband in such a short time.  There is no income for the family and she has no way to care for her two school going children.  Their house is quite old and in a very dilapidated condition.  All these worrying thoughts are haunting this poor woman. The support of a sponsor would be a precious gift to this young widow as she begins to cope with how to support her two sons and care for their home.