The family of Johny and Baby

Johny and Baby are a poor deserving couple with three children in desperate need of help.

A tragic accident, heart problems, and mental illness have thrown this family into wretched living condtions. Please read the story below for more information on this deserving family.

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Family Members:
Johny, 45 years
Baby, wife, 44 years
Joyel, son, 14 years
Joyesh, son, 12 years
Deya, daughter, 5 years
Alleppey region

Johny and Baby along with their three children are a destitute family urgently in need of assistance for their survival. The family’s income is extremely limited since Johny broke his leg at a construction job and needed to have a steel rod inserted. Since the accident he has been unable to work in construction and only goes for odd jobs spraying pesticides. Johny also has heart problems which required angioplasty. Baby is unable to work as she has serious psychiatric problems and requires daily medication to prevent violent outbursts. When she is sick, she is unable to care for their three children or cook food for the family.

The living condtions of this family are pathetic. They are staying in a rented house covered and plated with tin sheet. In the heat of the summer, one cannot even imagine staying inside it as it is like a hot oven. They have no other option but this hut and struggle to pay even the rent on this place. To make matters worse, the house owner threatens to evict as he has plans to sell this property.

One’s heart breaks for the three children. Joyel is studying in the 9th grade, Joyesh is studying in the 7th grade and Deya, the only daughter, is studying in the 1st grade. These children suffer greatly. In the summers when school is out there is no school lunch for them and they are totally dependent upon what their parents can afford to feed them. They are good children – the boys are alter boys at the local church.

With the help of a sponsor, the family would be better able to feed their children, purchase their necessary medications and pay their rent – perhaps even find a better place to live.