The Family of Jyoti Kalaka

Jyoti and her husband, Sudarshan, live in a remote village and are struggling to support their two small children

With the help of a sponsor, they could begin to raise chickens or a goat through the FFA’s Andhra Resource Program for sponsored families. They are eager to do this. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Jyoti, 28 years
Sudarshan, 35 years, husband
Yatish Kumar, 6 years, son
Deepika, 3 years, duaghter

Andhra Region

The Kalaka family lives in a remote village on the border between the Indian states of Andhra and Odisha. Here, in a primitive hut, parents Jyoti and Sudarshan are raising their two young children. Both parents are warm, caring people. Our staff write, “In the midst of many wants and difficulties… they try to find happiness with what they have.”

But the family is struggling to survive in their current situation. The area where the family lives is so remote that there are only primitive roads, no public transportation, and little opportunity to find work. Sudarshan travels to other villages seeking employment. Sometimes he is gone for days at a time, just trying to earn enough money to support the family. Jyoti works whenever she can, but she must also stay home to care for the children. The local schools have closed due to the pandemic so there is little opportunity these days for her to earn money outside of the home. This has made their difficult situation even worse.

This couple would be grateful for support to purchase some chickens or a goat, giving them a source of sustenance and income. This is one of the poorest families we are working with, and one that could be immediately helped by a sponsor’s support.