The Family of Kumari and Sanjeev Rao

Kumari is a 27 year old mother with epileptic husband and elderly father-in-law trying to help support Kumari and her three young children.

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Family Members:
Kumari Erugula, 27 years
Sanjeev Erugula, husband, 29 years
Lasya Erugula, daughter, 6 years
Greacy Erugula, daughter, 4 years
Jaswitha Erugula, daughter, 3 years
Pentarao Erugula, father-in-law, 52 years

Andhra Region

A few miles inland from the Indian ocean, the small town of Payakaraopeta is rapidly expanding. Its growth is impacting the nearby hill communities, include the colony where the Erugula family lives. But despite the progress happening on their doorstep, the Erugula family has been left behind. The family lives in a dilapidated hut with a leaking thatch roof. When our staff visited, a discarded plastic banner had been thrown over the home to keep out the rain.

Inside the hut we find Kumari, a 27-year-old mother. She is the heart of this family. She says her troubles started when her family arranged for her to marry a young man they barely knew. His name was Sanjeev, and sadly, she came to learn that he suffers from major health problems. As an epileptic, he requires heavy medication to control his condition. His health has worsened over time. The couple has been able to welcome three young daughters to their family, but now Sanjeev’s health is so bad that he cannot function.

Kumari finds herself in dire circumstances. Her only help has come from Sanjeev’s father, Pentarao. This hard-working and dedicated father has moved in with the family to offer his assistance. He brought with him some livestock, which he used to help support the family. But even for him the needs of the household are too great. Over time he has sold all of his livestock to purchase food and medication, and the family now finds itself destitute.

With three young children and two capable adults, there is so much potential for this household. A sponsor could help Kumari and Pentarao restart their livestock business and bring the family’s finances under control. It would allow Sanjeev to receive the medication he needs to survive, and the girls to get the food and nutrition they need to thrive. The Erugula family has weathered many storms in their dilapidated hut, but the support of sponsor would allow them to work towards brighter days.