The Family of Lawrence and Mary Semeena

Mary and Lawrence are in desperate need of a sponsor. Lawrence has not been able to work since a tragic accident and the couple cannot provide for their two small children. You can read more of their story below.

With the help of a sponsor, there would be a steady flow of funds to pay for food and help with school expenses for the children.

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Family Members:
Lawrence, 40 years
Mary Semeena, wife, 33 years
Asiya, daughter, 10 years
Abhiya, daughter, 6 years

Alleppey region

Lawrence and Mary Semeena are a poor couple with two daughters.  Lawrence was a mason but coming home from work riding his bicycle about six years ago, he was hit from behind by a speeding car which immediately left the scene of the an accident. He suffered severe head and backbone injuries. People at the scene took him to the hospital and where he spent several months.  Since the accident he is not able to go for regular work.  His wife, Mary Semeena, goes for odd jobs when available.  The family has no means of regular earnings and are in a desperate situation.

and their survival is in great trouble.  Their little daughters Asiya and Abhiya are progressing with their studies in the 5th and 1st grades respectively.  They were having online classes for the past two years and recently their school reopened.  The parents cannot provide their children with the necessary food, clothing and supplies to excel at school.  They are staying in a dilapidated hut, which is in a state of collapse if it rains much.  In their pathetic living situation a proper house is not even in their dreams.  Lawrence and Mary long to provide their children with a good meals and proper care.  They have applied for a house under government scheme but have not been selected.  Even if they are selected, they will not be able to proceed with the house construction with the limited subsidy allotted by the government.  Many are their needs and they are looking for a gentle lift up from their miserable life.

Any help given to them will be greatly appreciated.