The Family of Letizia

Litizia is an abandoned mother with three daughters. She struggles to pay rent and feed her children. You can read more of her sad story below.

With your sponsorship, Litizia would be able to nourish her children and have help with her monthly rent.

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Family Members:
Letizia, 39 years
Ashna, 16 years, daughter
Aiswarya, 13 years, daughter
Anugraha, 3 years, daughter

Alleppey region

Letizia is a poor young woman whose husband abandoned her when she was carrying their third child. The life of this destitute mother along with her three daughters is really miserable. The only means of earnings for this family is the meager income of Letizia from lottery sale. She has to sell about hundred tickets daily so to earn for their daily bread. It is really a herculean task to sell the tickets by approaching person to person before evening when the lot is taken.

Letizia’s  eldest daughter, Ashna, is studying in the 11th grade. She is a brilliant child and scored full A+ for her tenth grade exams.  She has the potential to support the family if she is able to stay in school and complete her studies. Letizia’s second daughter, Aiswarya, is in the 7th grade and her youngest daughter, Anugraha, is aged only three and Letizia carries her when she goes for ticket sales.

We feel pity to see the sad plight of this mother to make both ends meet. The greatest dilemma they are facing is that they are staying in a rented house. She has to pay the rent on time otherwise they will be forced to quit the house. As she married at her own will her family does not care for them and they are also too poor to help her.

A sponsor would be a great help for this tiny family.