The family of Mariamma and Marian

Mariamma and her family have suffered from the effects of poverty their entire lives.  Now Mariamma is no longer able to work and the family tries to survive on meager bits. You can learn the details of the difficulties that have beset this family in the story below.

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Family Members:
Mariamma, 50 years
Marian, husband, 58 years
Rosymoi, daughter, 29 years
Rose Delima, daughter, 25 years
Sonymoi, daughter, 22 years

Alleppey Region

Mariamma is a poor woman living with husband and three daughters. Their life is in utter misery. Mariamma is a heart patient and is very weak. She cannot go for any work due to her health issues. Her husband Marian is a fisherman but most of the days he has no work. As the family lacks a proper means of regular earnings, starvation is their constant companion. The whole family resembles a skeleton due to malnutrition.

From the childhood their three children suffered from the family’s poverty and did not succeed well in their academic levels. The elder daughter, Rosymoi, was settled in marriage with great effort eight years ago.  The family took a loan of $1200.00 to settle their daughter but due to their helplessness they could not pay back the loan on time and suffered as a result. By God’s grace Rosymoi is living at her husband’s family with their children. The second daughter, Rose Delima, was married to a boy from a distant place. At the time of marriage the groom’s family did not demand anything but later on she was mentally tortured at his house and now is back with her parents suffering mental depression. The youngest daughter successfully completed the 12th grade studies and joined a lab technician course. As the family failed to pay the fees properly, she could not complete the course and also is at home suffering from depression. The family lives in a fully dilapidated tiled house allotted to them by a parish association.

This destitute family is staring at their dark future with fearful eyes. Any help given to them will be greatly appreciated.