The Family of Mary Shine and Vincent

Mary Shine is struggling to support aged parents, a sickly husband, and two growing girls. The family’s living conditions are meager.

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Family Members:
Mary Shine, 36 years
Vincent, 41 years, husband
Saniya, 15 years, daughter
Sreya, 10 years, daughter
Cletus, 72 years, father-in-law
Mary, 65 years, mother-in-law

Alleppey Region

Mary Shine and Vincent are a poor couple having two daughters and aged parents to care for. The only means of earnings for the family are the meager earnings of Mary Shine from office works in the parish church and the irregular earnings of Vincent from fishing.

Vincent is suffering from prolapsed disc problems and needs medication for a gastric ulcer. He really lacks the physical capability for fishing, which is a strenuous work, but goes for the same due to the sad plight of their living situation. Fishing is only seasonal  and yields meager income for the family for even if there is fishing, the major portion of the earnings go to the owners of the fishing craft.

Their elder daughter is studying in the 10th grade and the younger daughter is in the 4th grade. As the children are growing up their needs are rising. Mary Shine’s parents are also staying with this family. Both of them are aged and are not well.

The family lives in a small house with an asbestos sheet roof that is inadequate for a family their size. They have applied for a government grant to build a house and, if selected, they could begin to build a new house but the amount allotted from the government will be insufficient to complete the work. Thus this family has many needs on many levels – daily survival, medication, children’s education. home expenses etc. The support of a sponsor would greatly improve their lives and any help given to them will be greatly appreciated.