The Family of Mary Soumya and Shine

Mary Soumya and Shine work hard, caring for their young children and Shine’s parents. A tragic accident to Shine’s father has halted work on a decent home for them to live in.  You can read more of their story below.

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Family Members:
Mary Soumya, 28 years
Shine, 30 years, husband
Sreya Maria, 3 years, daughter
Saina Maria, 1 1/2 years, daughter
Stephen, 53 years, father-in-law
Philomena, 52 years, mother-in-law

Alleppey Region

Mary Soumya and Shine are a young couple with two little daughters. The means for their daily survival is what Soumya earns from stabilizer assembling work and Shine’s income from fishing or odd jobs. He is very hard working and goes for any work available.

Their marriage is blessed with two angelic daughters, Sreya Maria and Saina Maria, who are the gems of the family. When the parents go for work they are cared by the grandparents.

Mary Soumya’s father-in-law, Stephen, was a fisherman. One day while he was pushing the thermocoal canoe to the sea the canoe was struck down by a blowing wind. The heavy waves brought the canoe back to the shore and it hit hard on his right leg and he had multiple fractures on his leg. He was admitted in the hospital for quite a long time and underwent surgery. A steel rode is placed inside the leg but it got infected and even now there are oozing wounds on his leg. After the accident he discontinued fishing but goes occasionally to help his co-workers. Mary Soumya’s mother-in-law is suffering from thyroid, asthma and high blood pressure. Both the parents are in need of regular medication.

The family received a government grant and started work on a house. However, they had to spend lot of money for Stephen’s treatment and as a result the construction work is incomplete. Already they are heavily in debt and complete plastering, flooring, fixation of doors, windows, plumbing, electrification etc is yet to be done. In the midst of their daily hardships they cannot even dream of completing their house construction.

This family is looking for some kind assistance for their daily needs, medication and completion of their house. Thank you for considering sponsoring them.